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Hangzhou solar photoelectric co., Ltd.Is a professional engaged in solar modules, solar photovoltaic system research, production and marketing enterprises.Factory was established in 2005,Hangzhou City, Zhejiang Province, China.The full name of his previous solar equipment is the Canon factory in Fuyang,April 2009,Name changed to Solomon Photoelectric Co., Ltd. Hangzhou.
Hangzhou Solomon Photoelectric Co., Ltd. is China's most professional package of solar modules, one factory,We can produce all kinds of specifications, a variety of package forms of solar panels (components).Size from a few millimeters to 1,500 millimeters, Electrical Properties of 0.0 from a few watts to 150 watts.According to the difference between package components are epoxy package,PET laminated glass laminated assemblies and components. Probably a year production plant 3000000 various solar components.
To provide customers with quality products is our goal.Optical Cable Co., Ltd. Hangzhou music with particular emphasis on product quality,Plant is equipped with a variety of quality testing equipment,Concerned about the quality of every detail,The production of each product.We passed the ISO9001, CE and ROSH quality system certification and product quality.
Plant will be long-term commitment to solar PV systems research, development and production.In the solar PV systems,Our product lines are:Solar mobile power series, series of solar lighting, solar household power
."The same quality that we must lower the price,The same price we must better the quality "It is our business philosophy,The purchase and use of our products must be your right choice.Welcome new and old friends feel free to contact us.

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